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Dog Neccessities
made in USA

Cast Metal Breed License Plates
Shampoo-Conditioner Grooming

Dog Breed Jewelry. 2 - 3

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We WILL ONLY ship to the address that is VERIFIED by your Credit Card Company.







We WILL ONLY ship the the address that is VERIFIED by you Credit Card Company

Our Promise To You

With so many companies today, the bottom line is the only concern. They will take advantage of every avenue to generate income, even selling their client's information to mass marketers.

Our BIGGEST pet peeve is solicitations, especially by telephone. At The Barking Lamb, we decided we would be different. Since our success is based on your success, our first concern is our relationship with you.

With The Barking Lamb your information is kept completely private !

We will NEVER give or sell your information to a third party !

We will NEVER telephone you as an unwelcome solicitation !


The Barking Lamb
49 North Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543

Phone: 717-627-1077

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Special Offers and sales ONLY apply to minumum orders

Shipping/Handling Policy:

We will ONLY ship to the address that is registered to the credit card used. NO EXCEPTIONS

Your order will be shipped through US mail within 6-10 business days unless there is a problem, in which case you will be notified immediately. If you have a FAX number please include it; it is often helpful. If there is any problem whatsoever with your order, please notify us within 15 days. We will be happy to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Packages lost in the mail or damaged merchandise are at the customer's risk, unless customer requests insurance. The below rates will be added to invoice at our end.

Chocolate pots and other vintage items and porcelains, must be insured at Buyer's expense. Our free shipping policy DOES NOT apply to these items.

Insurance Coverage

Order Value

0.00 - 50.00
50.01 - 100.00
100.01 - 200.00
200.01 - 300.00
300.01 - 400.00
400.01 - 500.00
500.01 - 600.00

Insurance Cost


Return Policy:

If you are not happy, you may return the item within 15 days for store credit.

Privacy Policy:

The Barking Lamb is a safe place to shop. Never will we collect personal information for any purpose other than processing your order. We do not sell or distribute client lists or your personal information. Your safety and privacy is important to us.

Special Ordering Policy: While we will be happy to TRY to obtain products that we do not carry, understand that we probably don't carry it for this reason, "IT DOES NOT SELL WELL" You will have to purchase the full amount that we have to purchase, often 5 pounds on the herbs, and up to 24 bottles of Essential Oils. We can NO longer afford to stock what we are not moving. Special orders CANNOT be returned. All special orders MUST be prepaid, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Credit Card Billing

and CVV2 or CVC explanation

CVV2 or CVC: A New Three-Digit Value
An important new security feature for Internet transactions now appears on the back of cards. This new feature is a three-digit value which provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card. An on-line merchant requesting this information is protecting you by assuring that your card number is not being used by someone who has accessed your number.

CVV2's Location
The CVV2 or CVC three-digit value is printed on the signature panel on the back of Visa (and some other) cards immediately following the card account number.


The Barking lamb is a division of:


The Barking Lamb
49 North Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543