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Dog Neccessities
made in USA

Cast Metal Breed License Plates
Shampoo-Conditioner Grooming

Dog Breed Jewelry. 2 - 3

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Cat Related Gifts

World Famous Atomic Catnip
"a legal buzzzzz for your feline friends"Approved by Harrison, will make your cats blast off. Atomic catnip, packed in cotton muslin bag. Toss it to the kitty. ing: organic catnip, organic oatstraw and organic valerian

3.75 order now

10 or more 3.25order now

Welcome to our newest cat page!   Our cat designs come in 3 styles.  Our whimisical climbing cat (you cant help but smile when you see it), our cat lovers (2 cats with faux crystals stones  in goldtone), and silhouette cats (have a swinging tail).  Our climing cats come in pewter, bronze and copper, and we will decide what color looks best for you on the stone you choose.  Our silhoutte cats also come in bronze and pewter.  Cubic Zirconia stone available in clear, aquamarine, amethyst, deep blue, light blue, emerald green, pink, amber, smoke and black. $58.00 with matching earings

Cats, Vertical Smoke Crystal

Cats, Wide Clear Crystal

Purchase "Lovers" crystal pieces

Silhoutte Cat, Black Crystal

Silhoutte Cat, Smoke Crystal

Purchase "Silhoutte cat" crystal pieces

bronze and pewter

Climbing Cat, copper, Clear Crystal

Climbing Cat,pewter, Blue Crystal

Climbing Cat, bronze, Green Crystal

Purchase "Climbing Cat" crystal pieces

pewter, bronze and copper



Our Promise To You

With so many companies today, the bottom line is the only concern. They will take advantage of every avenue to generate income, even selling their client's information to mass marketers.

Our BIGGEST pet peeve is solicitations, especially by telephone. At The Barking Lamb, we decided we would be different. Since our success is based on your success, our first concern is our relationship with you.

With The Barking Lamb your information is kept completely private !

We will NEVER give or sell your information to a third party !

We will NEVER telephone you as an unwelcome solicitation !