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Lititz, PA cards of Yesterday

Charming tree lined streets, our world famous park, the P & R Train Depot, Wilbur Chocolate all from the turn century.

Cards are 6 to a box, 1 scene only, $9.75 per box

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P & R Depot and Ideal Chocolate

P. & R. Depot and Ideal Cocoa and Chocolate Company Post Card No. 220946 of unknown origin and date. The five-story addition to the factory was started in 1913 Postmarked in Lititz on Dec. 27, 1915


"Lititz El" Lititz Elementary School

The "Lititz El" -From a Post Card published byC. Seeman, 219 S. 46th St. Phila. 39, Pa.


General Sutter Hotel

From a Post Card by THE TECRAFT COMPANY, Tenafly, N.J. Date unknown but note parking meters


Lititz Springs National Bank

Lititz Springs National Bank - Built in 1922 "SKY-TINT" Post Card from Commercial Colortype Company, Chicago Postmarked in Lititz - Aug. 29, 1939


Brother House

Moravian Chapel, Brother House From a Post Card by "The Rotograph Co., N.Y., City, (Germany.)" Postmarked Sept. 24 1910 at 8:00 AM


Dixon Chapel

Dixon Chapel, Linden Hall Seminary, Lititz, Pa Originally published by Geo. L. Hepp, Lititz, Pa. Postmarked in Lititz on July 6, 1912


The Square (b&w)

The Square in Lititz from a Post Card published in 1905 by "The Rotograph Co., N.Y., City, (Germany.)" Not Posted - no other information available


Dixon Chapel (b&w)

Dixon Chapel, Linden Hall Seminary Lititz, Pa"The Rotograph Co., N.Y., City, (Germany.)" Postmarked in Lititz on April 5, 1905


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Our Promise To You

With so many companies today, the bottom line is the only concern. They will take advantage of every avenue to generate income, even selling their client's information to mass marketers.

Our BIGGEST pet peeve is solicitations, especially by telephone. At The Barking Lamb, we decided we would be different. Since our success is based on your success, our first concern is our relationship with you.

With The Barking Lamb your information is kept completely private !

We will NEVER give or sell your information to a third party !

We will NEVER telephone you as an unwelcome solicitation !