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While Supply Lasts All Tropiclean Products

Buy any 2 Get 3rd one FREE


Ears to Rears Professional
Dog Grooming

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Dog Neccessities
made in USA

Cast Metal Breed License Plates
Vitamins, Supplements

Shampoo-Conditioner Grooming

Dog Breed Jewelry. 2 - 3

Kitty Jewelry & Favorites

Herb-ie-Herbal Therapy Pack

Soaps, Handmade, All Natural

Lititz Gifts & Cards

Herbs & Accessories

Links People & Pages We Like

Venture Lititz




We WILL ONLY ship to the address that is VERIFIED by your Credit Card Company.

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Web specials DO NOT apply to purchases made in store


Dog Breed License Plates in Cast Metal


made in USA. Lancaster County, PA



While Supply Lasts

Buy any 2 Get 3rd one FREE

Tropiclean Dog Products



Herbs, Spices
Organic - Wildcrafted

Non-irradiated. We offer one of the largest selection available.

Essential Oils
from Aura Cacia


Quality Life's Abundance Products.

They will ship directly to you from here.


Herbal therapy pack


Herbal Therapy Pack

Bach rescue Pet

Fine All Occasion Cards

Vintage Lititz, PA 

Mortar & Pestles
Herbal tools


Kitty Favorites
Our world famous Kat-a-Tonic Catnip, doggie goodies also



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Our Promise To You

With so many companies today, the bottom line is the only concern. They will take advantage of every avenue to generate income, even selling their client's information to mass marketers.

Our BIGGEST pet peeve is solicitations, especially by telephone. When starting The Barking Lamb, we decided we would be different. Since our success is based on your success, our first concern is our relationship with you.

With The Barking Lamb your information is kept completely private !

We will NEVER give or sell your information to a third party !

We will NEVER telephone you as an unwelcome solicitation !


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