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Dog Neccessities
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Cast Metal Breed License Plates
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Dog Breed Jewelry. 2 - 3

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Mortar/Pestle Green Onyx

Mortar/Pestle Green Onyx (4"dia)

Lovely pedestal mortar and pestle crafted of green onyx. Each one unique. Allow for variations. 4" high; mortar opening 3" in diameter.



Mortar/Pestle Coral

Mortar/Pestle Coral (4"dia)

Lovely pedestal mortar & pestle crafted of coral marble. Each one unique. Allow for variations. Approx. 4" high; mortar opening 3" dia.



Mortar & Pestle Stone Celtic

Mortar & Pestle Stone Celtic

This is a shallow soapstone mortar and pestle set with Celtic knotwork encircling the sides. It measures 2 tall and 4 in diameter, with an internal measurement 1 deep and 3 in diameter with slight internal grooves to aid in grinding.



Mortar & Pestle Stone Traditional

Mortar & Pestle Stone Traditional

This petite traditional soapstone mortar features a solid base to better stabilize the mortar while you work and a slightly grooved cup to aid in the rending of whatever herbs you are working with. Measuring 3" x3" with a cup measurement scarcely 1 1/2" deep, this is the perfect mortar and pestle set for those small jobs in the kitchen. Whether an easy job such as grinding fresh rosemary or taking on a tough customer like sea salt, this set can easily handle any job you wish.



Mortar/Pestle Brass large

Mortar/Pestle Brass large

Lovely mortar & pestle crafted of brass. Approx. 3 1/2" high; opening 3 1/2" dia.



Mortar/Pestle Brass small

Mortar/Pestle Brass small

Lovely mortar & pestle crafted of brass. Approx. 2 3/4" high; opening 2 3/4" dia.



Celestial Strainer

Celestial Strainer
Stainless steel with sun & moon designes cut in

Fits over the cup



Stainless Mesh Strainer

Stainless Mesh Teaball 2 1/2 in.






Our Promise To You

With so many companies today, the bottom line is the only concern. They will take advantage of every avenue to generate income, even selling their client's information to mass marketers.

Our BIGGEST pet peeve is solicitations, especially by telephone. At The Barking Lamb, we decided we would be different. Since our success is based on your success, our first concern is our relationship with you.

With The Barking Lamb your information is kept completely private !

We will NEVER give or sell your information to a third party !

We will NEVER telephone you as an unwelcome solicitation !